Safety Drawing Competition

Theme: "Be Safe, Think Smart"

Deadline: December 16, 2008 by 2:00pm.

Let your creative juices flow in the Louisiana State PTA�s annual Safety Drawing Contest. Judson Fundamental Magnet can submit 4 entries per division (Primary: PreK to 2nd and Intermediate: 3rd to 5th) to the Caddo District PTA. Guideline for entering the contest are as follows:

SIZE: Drawings may not exceed 18 by 12 inches (including a matte if using one). Students may use regular paper, art paper or poster board.

DRAWING MEDIUM: includes pencil, crayon, colored pencil, and markers.

ORIGINALITY: All entries must be the original design and art work of the individual student. A single entry done by two or more students is not permitted. The theme must be carried out in the drawing. Parents or others must not assist the student. Copywrited material may not be used.

DESIGN: Lettering should be done by hand and should be neat and simple, with minimum of words. Do not use stencils, magazine clippings or any kind of machine cut-outs. Only original artwork is accepted.

ENTRY FORM: A completed Official Entry Form must be securely attached to the back of the drawing - masking tape works best. Entry forms are available in the School Office. They are also available online at Select �Safety Drawing Student Application Form� and follow the directions for using Interactive .PDF forms.

DEADLINE: December 16, 2008 by 2:00pm. Return to the School Office in care of the PTA. Late submissions will not be accepted.

AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS: All participating Judson students will receive a certificate of participation. Entries chosen for submission to the District PTA (4 each for both Primary and Intermediate divisions) will also receive a ribbon of achievement and will be announced school-wide and at the next Awards Assembly.

CLASSROOM CHALLENGE: We would like to increase our participation in the Safety Drawing Competition. The class with the greatest number of participants will receive an additional award along with their Teacher.

Print out These Guidelines